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Young Journalist’s Downing Street Petition



ADRIAN Sudbury is a 26-year-old journalist who has battled two forms of leukaemia for the past 18 months. His treatment included a bone marrow transplant. Sadly for him, it failed and he has been given weeks to live. There are 7,000 people out there waiting for a transplant right now. Adrian is using his final weeks to raise awareness of the need for more people to register as bone marrow donors. He wants better education in schools, colleges and other education institutions about how to become a donor and why it is important. This system is in place in Germany – a country with one of the fullest donor registers. Adrian wants the Government to require educational institutions to commit to including these issues in either the curriculum or pastoral care programme. If you agree, please sign your name and help support a brave man in his campaign.

Adrian’s excellent and inspiring blog is here:

Adrian Sudbury has been a reporter for both the Huddersfield Express and Chronicle Series and the Huddersfield Examiner. In November 2006 the 25-year-old was promoted to digital journalist, effectively editing the new-look Examiner website. Just two days into his new role he became seriously ill and called in sick. A week later he drove himself to A&E and was eventually diagnosed with leukaemia. It was then identified that he actually has two distinct types of the disease running at the same time. According to the medical literature he is the only person in the world to have this condition. As such, it has not been possible to offer Adrian a prognosis. Here he shares his experiences of the disease and his treatment.


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Northcliffe Media profits decline 13%

Northcliffe Media – regional publishing division of DMGT reported a £4.9m fall in operating profits to £33.8m; advertising revenues fell  by 3.8% and circulation revenue also declined by 3%. (Half year results for the period ending 30th March 2008)

Group results in detail:

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Following a surge of 6.3m new unique users in two months placing above the Guardian Online site, rival publishers have queried the methodology and software employed. This has interesting implications for ABCe – will time metrics become more important? Time spent on pages can indicate the engagement of the user with the site rather more clearly than simple unique user counts.



Jicwebs said the committee is “implementing a strategic review of the analytics methodologies for national newspapers”. The committee acknowledged what it described as “minor variances” in the tools used by different publishers to measure web traffic.

(Quoted from 23.05.2008)


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Johnston Press £212m rights issue, share price tumbles

Johnston Press facing £700m net debt ( April 2008 ) and a market captialisation of £330m plans to raise £212m in a discounted rights issue. The share price fell 21p on this news to 114.75. Malaysian group Usaha Tegas stake in Johnston Press will rise to 20% as a result.

Press coverage from sharecast: Johnston Press


Johnston Press group in “perilous” position: 

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What others think of your brand

If you wanted to find out what the value of a brand is perhaps a reasonable starting point would be what people think when they see your brand. That’s what the site BrandTags does, it invites people to tag a brand and then shows you the results from all these first impressions.

This is a new site, and the brands are a little American centric, but it’s interesting to see how your perception matches with everyone else – the results are displayed in the usual Tag Cloud method where the larger a tag word is displayed the more popular it it is.

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Trinity Mirror Regionals Ad Revenue down 4.9%

MediaGuardian: “At the regionals division, advertising revenues fell by 4.9%, excluding the effect of last year’s £93m disposals of regional papers in London and the south east.”


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Newsroom Barometer 2008: all news will be free…


Some key findings:

Majority of those surveyed believe newsrooms will be integrated/multimedia within five years

56% believe news will be free, online or in print, in future.

44% believe online will be the main platform for news in the future.

53% of editors claim to have an integrated newsroom.

Two thirds believe some editorial functions will be outsourced.

More than 700 editors and senior executives from 120 countries were surveyed in March 2008. The Newsroom Barometer first annual survey was conducted by Zogby International for the World Editors Forum and Reuters.

In-depth coverage here from the Editors Weblog.

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