PCC survey finds 89% of social network users concerned about personal information published online

A survey by MORI, commissioned by the Press Complaints Council (PCC) in the United Kingdom, highlights both the pervasive impact of social networking sites amongst younger web users and their concerns over the nature and detail of personal information available on these sites. Particular concern is the trend for “digital doorstepping” by the press to discover background to individuals by visiting their online profiles. The PCC believes a set of guidelines is required.

The survey found:

42% of web users aged 16-24 know someone who has been embarrassed by information uploaded on to the internet without their consent. And 78% of the entire adult online population would change information they publish about themselves online if they thought the material would later be reproduced in the mainstream media.

The MORI survey details: 1000 UK web users aged 16-64 were interviewed by Ipsos MORI between 14 and 18 March 2008. Participants were recruited via an online panel and the sample is representative of the UK online population. Click here for details of the research.


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