House of Lords Committee: Newspapers are not dying

Politicians on the Communications Committee are warned by Professor Steven Barnett of Westminster University to treat claims of the death of newspapers with caution:

Guy Phillipson, chief executive of the Internet Advertising Bureau, introduced the motion, noting the decline of newspapers’ print circulations, and the explosive growth of their online traffic and revenues.

He pointed out that after just 10 years of significant commercial use, the internet overtook national newspapers’ share of the UK advertising market in 2006, and is on course to overtake television next year.

… “We’re not saying that newspapers are going to die, but we are saying that the only way they will survive is to fully embrace online to reinvigorate their brand and take advantage of all the additional revenue that it can generate.” Press Gazette

Surely most of the additional revenue has already been grabbed by the likes of Google Adsense? In 2008 internet based advertising is set to overtale TV, with most of the search advertising heading to Google and established players:

The report said Google would remain the biggest beneficiary of the growth in search advertising and predicted it would take 80 percent of UK spend on search advertising, up from 78 percent in 2007. Reuters article 17.06.2008 here


Coverage in the Press Gazette


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