Intensity increases in the battle between UK regional press and the BBC local video proposals

Following the Newspaper Society’s entering into a legal attack on the proposals, Sly Bailey (CEO, Trinity Mirror) has stated to a House of Commons select committee:

“If the BBC came in and distorted the market for eyeballs [website users], then there is not an audience for us to monetise,” she said.

“The BBC has lost sight of its purpose. It is using public money to compete in public areas where it simply doesn’t need to be. All organisations need parameters and targets.”

Further coverage in this Telegraph article:

UPDATE: 21st November 2008:

  • The £68m proposals have been rejected by the BBC Trust, following high profile lobbying by the regional press.
  • “In its provisional conclusions on the public value test (PVT) on the local online video plans published today, the trust said the proposed network of more than 60 websites “would not improve services for the public enough to justify either the investment of licence fee funds or the negative impact on commercial media”. ” (Guardian)



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