Mobile optimised websites widen the reach of regional newspapers

The deployment of mobile (cellphone) optimised websites amongst the regional press continues, with early reports of good traffic, from this Hold the front page article:

Hold The Front Page website story:

“Birmingham Post editor Marc Reeves says the paper’s new ‘m-site’ has surpassed expectations in its first week. The Post is one of twelve Trinity Mirror regional dailies launching mobile phone companion sites over the next two months. Marc said: “We’ve set up specific feeds from our website, picking up the elements we want to go on the m-site. We’ll review as we go and add or take away feeds from more areas of the site.

…”In terms of users, we’ve surpassed where we expected to be by now, but I want to be cautious before declaring it a massive success. “Once the marketing noise dies down, it’ll be interesting to see what levels the site achieves.”

Also, BBC Commissioning Research indicates that 16-24 year olds are more likely to download news onto their mobile than any other age group, in contrast to the purchase of newspapers in this group:

“Young people are the age group most likely to download News on their mobile phones – over a third of 15-24s claim to do so and 10% regularly.”



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