News via your home computer – 1981. It’s a “Tele-paper”!

SF Chron./ SF Examiner experiment in a download text only version of their paper in 1981. Took two hours to download at a cost of $5 per hour, when the printed copy cost 20 cents. At this time there were around  two to three thousand home computer owners in the SF Bay area, not all connected to the infant internet of course.

Some charming shots of the Examiner’s newsroom at the time. The SF Examiner is now a fast read tabloid and free.


Youtube link for HD

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2 responses to “News via your home computer – 1981. It’s a “Tele-paper”!

  1. pretty rad! always thought that the NY Times’ ‘Cyber Times’ was an early adopter ( ) , but this is crazy…

    • Yes, the NYT and the UK’s eTelegraph were some of the first. It’s always interesting to see an idea that was ahead of its time and notice that the only thing holding it back wasn’t the concept but the implementation using the limited tech of the period.

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