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Malcolm Fleschner: You Done With That Paper?

Drole musings on the future of newspapers…

And why wouldn’t younger folks want to read newspapers, what with our frequent hard-hitting opinion pieces decrying the younger generation’s educational shortcomings, slovenly style of dress, cavalier attitude toward drug use, risky sexual behavior, bad driving habits and overuse of the word “like”? Why, one ignorant newspaper columnist even recently accused young people of an unhealthy interest in tattoos and piercings. What young person wouldn’t want to pay $100 a year to have all that delivered to their doorstep every morning?

Malcolm Fleschner: You Done With That Paper? (Full article)


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Electric Ink on BBC Radio Four

Satirical comedy by Alistair Beaton. Old hacks meet new media in the newspaper industry. With Robert Lindsay and Alex Jennings.


Via BBC iPlayer or live (see link for timings)

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