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Jeff Jarvis on the US newspapers squandering their bankruptcy

Before it is too late, I’d like to see these companies — especially companies still in or going into bankruptcy — try more models:
* staying in print but splitting up the functions of the company andoutsourcing everything possible;
* investing in a widely distributed network of independent local and interest sites with the company adding value with curation and sales;
* creating a pure ad network;
* creating a very high quality product and — yes — charging a lot for it;
* creating a series of special-interest niche services and, in some cases, publications;
* creating the still mostly free but higher value craigslist with more curation for quality and more services;
* experimenting with new services for local merchants — especially those too small to ever have afforded big, inefficient newspapers — including helping them succeed through Google, Yelp, et al;
* creating citizen sales forces to scale while serving those small merchants;

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UK News Media Job losses running at c.140 per week

DMGT Associated Newspapers is to make 300 roles redundant in the London area, this equates to 6% of the London workforce. This is part of what is believed to be a 15% budget cut:

Trinity Mirror has warned of potential job losses: (Update: pay freeze for 2009, branch offices closed and reported 1200 redundancies so far)

The publishers of Time Out have announced a cut of 8% of their workforce, 13 jobs:

News Media job losses are running at around 140 per week, detailed in this post by Peter Kirwan of the Press Gazette: (Graph reproduced below)

In a reaction to these figures, Jeremy Dear, General Secretary of the NUJ highlights the hidden impact of media organisations simply choosing not to replace staff:

(Update:) Newsquest North East to close branch offices and make 17 redundant: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/nov/21/newsquest-downturn



Graph of job losses

Graph of job losses

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The Times launches online archive

The Times has launched its online archive of articles ranging from 1785 to 1985. Every issue of the Times has been scanned and is fully searchable and can be printed or emailed. The service is in a trial free period.

Times Archive

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Telegraph.co.uk leaps ahead in users, queried by rivals

Following a surge of 6.3m new unique users in two months placing Telegraph.co.uk above the Guardian Online site, rival publishers have queried the methodology and software employed. This has interesting implications for ABCe – will time metrics become more important? Time spent on pages can indicate the engagement of the user with the site rather more clearly than simple unique user counts.



Jicwebs said the committee is “implementing a strategic review of the analytics methodologies for national newspapers”. The committee acknowledged what it described as “minor variances” in the tools used by different publishers to measure web traffic.

(Quoted from http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/may/23/telegraphmediagroup.abcs 23.05.2008)


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