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ABCe Regional Newspaper Sites recent decline in visitors



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“Innovate or obliterate”! Tampa Tribune


Interesting post by Tampa Tribune intern Jessica da Silva over the speech by the Tribune editor in chief emphasizing hyper local web content as primary over the print edition of the paper.

She compared newspapers to the music industry. Having increased access to music has undermined the corporate giants of the music industry. They are not making money, but demand is just as high if not higher than it ever has been.

…She can see the trend in the industry: Innovate or obliterate. She stressed more than several times that if newspapers don’t change then NEWSPAPERS WILL DIE.

It’s hard, she admitted. Sometimes she feels temptation to get out of this business and join PricewaterhouseCoopers where she can have a decent salary and lifestyle. But then she thinks of the role of a news organization, and she knows she could never do that.


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Northcliffe Media profits decline 13%

Northcliffe Media – regional publishing division of DMGT reported a £4.9m fall in operating profits to £33.8m; advertising revenues fell  by 3.8% and circulation revenue also declined by 3%. (Half year results for the period ending 30th March 2008)

Group results in detail:


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Trinity Mirror Regionals Ad Revenue down 4.9%

MediaGuardian: “At the regionals division, advertising revenues fell by 4.9%, excluding the effect of last year’s £93m disposals of regional papers in London and the south east.”


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Outsourcing of Newsquest prepress jobs to India

Local newspaper publisher Newsquest has told prepress staff at some of its titles that their jobs will be outsourced to India.

(via MediaGuardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/apr/25/newsquest.pressandpublishing1 )

The work in India is being undertaken by Express KCS ( http://www.expresskcs.com/ )

Express KCS is India’s leading prepress house, with over 35 years of providing high-end services to clients including ad agencies, corporations, retailers and publishers. They produce display advertising artwork for over 70 US daily and weekly newspapers including the San Jose Mercury News, the Oakland Tribune, the Contra Costa Times, The Fresno Bee, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Miami Herald, The Sacramento Bee, Bradenton Herald, Memphis Commercial Appeal and many other. (Press release, Express KCS)


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Eight loss making weeklies to close in the Midlands

Eight Trinity Mirror titles are to be closed in the Derby and Peterborough areas. Twenty three employees are likely to be made redundant.

On the Hold the Front Page Website there’s an interesting perspective from Nick Hudson, former Group Editor. Hold the front Page article.

Steve Brown, regional managing director of Trinity Mirror Midlands, said: “It is a very sad day when newspaper titles close and we looked hard at alternative measures to try and prevent this decision.

“However, the remaining titles in the Trinity Mirror Midlands marketplace remain strong and the management team is focused on continuing to grow audiences and products across the rest of the region.” (Hold the Front Page)


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Associated Northcliffe Digital claim 22 Million Reach, print and website combined readership up 17%.

Associated Northcliffe Digital (AND) claim their combined print and online reach is 17% more than previously reported. The de-duplicated readers total 22 million. There is some concern that the methods of reporting and measurement are unlike those being used by ABCe. It is probably a coincidence, but AND claim to have the details of “in excess of 22 million contactable customer records”: (http://www.and.co.uk/what/directmarketing2.html)

The research was carried out by Survey Interactive (http://www.surveyinteractive.co.uk/)

List of Associated Northcliffe Digital websites: http://www.and.co.uk/what/associatednewspapers2.html


MediaGuardian coverage: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/apr/15/dmgt.digitalmedia/print



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